The North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association is raising funds to save a slice of history.
Our goal is to purchase the former property of Quaker Abolitionist and Underground Railroad Conductor Stephen Keese Smith. See flyer for more information.

Our Logo


Our logo unites two Underground Railroad symbols—the North Star and a Lantern. The North Star was the light in the night sky which guided enslaved Americans to freedom in the 19th century. A burning lantern in the window of a home or on an outside pole was a sign that they had arrived at a safe house.

The yellow light in the lantern represents their deep love for freedom. The black lantern symbolizes the many possibilities freedom held for them. The white space surrounding the lantern represents the challenges they faced when free. The red rays of the North Star represent the faith and courage freedom demanded of them.

Our logo represents the eternal quest of the enslaved of the world to be free.