Dick Gregory Visits the North Star Museum—May 12, 2013

Martha Swan and the Board from John Brown Lives! suggested that Dick Gregory visit our museum while in the North Country for John Brown Day 2013 to get a sense of the work that NCUGRHA and others have done to uplift the freedom history of the region. He took them up on the offer, which is why he came to the North Star museum.

Richard Claxton Gregory or Dick Gregory is a comedian, author, and social activist. He is a visionary to some or a madman to others. Gregory was the keynote speaker at the John Brown Day 2013 in Lake Placid on Saturday, May 11. During his visit at the North Star Museum on Sunday, May 12th, Gregory quoted from the Bible, Job 42:14, which named the daughters of Job and gave accounts of them receiving an inheritance from their father. It pointed out that women had equal rights with the men. Gregory also noted that when a woman takes the surname of her spouse, he owns by that action. These are little things that many individuals may not think about. But, Dick Gregory has researched and discovered what he calls little clues in the mass of information available to all of us. Look for the clues was a parting phrase by Dick Gregory to us. He understood that the North Star Museum is a beacon of light in a dark world.

Jackie Madison, President
North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association

Note from Mike Hanke, Museum Exhibit Designer: Dick Gregory was friends with the minister of the church that we attended in NYC. His name was Jim McGraw and he was a ghost writer for Dick Gregory. McGraw was on the podium when King made his famous speech in DC and was heavily involved in the civil rights movement. I am not sure he is still alive, but he may be. I did some design work for him years ago at the church. Small world.

Other guests and Museum members: Vaughn Carney, Robin Caudell, Sue Crowningshield, Charles Crowningshield, Helen Kho, Jacquelyn Madison, Helen Nerska, Don Papson, Vivian Papson, Mitchel Ray, Dick Ward, Ken Wibecan, Jerilea Zempel.

View photos taken during Mr. Gregory's visit.