Upcoming Events

  • July 21: Solomon Northup's Day Celebration

    Saturday, July 21

    The North Star Underground Railroad Museum will celebrate the life of Solomon Northup, an American abolitionist and author of Twelve Years a Slave.
    Northup, born a free man, was sold into slavery and later freed. The program is free to the public.
    Tom Colarco, noted author of seven Underground Railroad books, will give a presentation and will bring a replica of the crate in which Henry "Box" Brown escaped (Brown escaped slavery by mailing himself in a wooden crate).
    Donations are recommended and appreciated to cover Mr. Colarco's honorarium and rental of a van to transport the crate, which will be donated to the North Star Underground Railroad Museum.
    For donation information, visit our Donations page or our Adirondack Gives campaign.

    Time: 4:00pm

Our Mission

To research, preserve, interpret, and promote the Underground Railroad history of Northeastern New York's Waterways to Freedom and to celebrate the importance of that history and its relevance and significance to our own time. Our activities include:

  • Research
  • Exhibits
  • Preservation of historic sites
  • Instructional Materials
  • Media Presentations
  • Dramatic readings and displays

Museum Opening

The North Star Underground Railroad Museum will open for the 2018 season on May 26.

Visit the Museum page for days and hours.

Docents Needed

Join the fun and become a docent at the North Star Underground Railroad Museum.

Call Jackie Madison, 518-834-5180.